Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Birthday for a Princess

Lily is 5 and she's so excited!  For weeks now she's been asking "Who's birthday is next?" "How old will I be?" "Why am I going to be 5 and Michael is still 4?":) Of course she knows the answers to these questions, but continues to ask because she just can't stop talking about her birthday!
Her birthday is March 2nd, and we celebrated at home with her choice of.......
Dinner - McDonalds
Movie - Mary Poppins
Ice Cream - Chocolate
Well, I should say, some of us celebrated at home that evening.  We did have a little afternoon drama to shake things up a bit.  We were outside riding bikes and scooters when Alex and Tyler had a collision.  Alex on his bike survived unscathed, but Tyler fell off his scooter face first.  It was not pretty.  Lots of blood and 2 loose permanent teeth.  He doesn't handle blood very well (like his daddy!), and was pale and clammy.  Ended up taking him to the dentist to have his teeth checked, and the dentist sent us on to the ER because he thought Tyler would need stitches.  Thank goodness we live in a great neighborhood and one of our neighbors took charge of  the other kids until Ruben could get there. They were still able to pick up Lily's birthday dinner and eat their McDonalds in front of the tv while watching Mary Poppins.  Tyler ended up not needing stitches, and after checking for broken bones, and cleaning him up, we were sent home.  We made it home just before a terrible storm system blew through and just in time to watch Lily open her presents.

Here's Lily on her birthday and a picture of her taken 18 months ago when she first came home.  What a difference!

One of her favorite gifts.  A barbie slide.....just add water.
Tyler after the hospital.  His poor lip was so swollen that he couldn't smile.  I have another picture taken soon after the incident, but my sister though it too gory to publish! :)

I week after her birthday Lily had a princess party with her pre-k and neighborhood friends.  Check out the cake!  Lovingly hand made by her Mommy, Daddy and a good friend. (thanks Mary!......we'll have you over before Michael's party too1)
Princess decorations
Dressing up for the party
All the princesses working on a craft
Pin the crown on the princess.  (notice Michael watching.  The boys were supposed to be upstairs until cake time, but Michael just couldn't stay away!)

Notice Michael close by

Freeze Dance
Michael again!  He was showing the girls some of his dance moves!
The princesses headed straight for the dirt pile outside!
Happy Birthday sweet girl!  You have come so far in the last 18 months.  We have loved watching you grow and seeing you blossom into a lovely little girl.



  2. WOW!! What a change! I wouldn't have recognized her! The love of a family is magic!!
    We will be adding to our family soon!!